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Version: 6.7.1
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The Yahoo Search App continues to enhance its search capabilities, offering a user-friendly interface, improved algorithms, and personalized search results for an efficient search experience.


The Yahoo Search App is a comprehensive search platform that provides users with fast and accurate search results across the web. With its user-friendly interface, the app offers a seamless search experience, allowing users to find information, images, videos, news, and more. The app utilizes advanced algorithms to deliver personalized search results based on user preferences and browsing history. Users can also explore trending topics, access weather forecasts, and discover nearby attractions. With its intuitive design and constant improvements, the Yahoo Search App aims to be a reliable and convenient search tool for users on the go.


  • Fast and Accurate Search: Find information, images, videos, and news quickly with the Yahoo Search App’s efficient search capabilities.
  • Personalized Results: Get search results tailored to your preferences and browsing history, ensuring relevant and personalized information.
  • Trending Topics: Explore popular and trending topics to stay updated on the latest news, events, and discussions.
  • Weather Forecasts: Access real-time weather forecasts and stay informed about current conditions in your area or any location.
  • Nearby Attractions: Discover nearby attractions, restaurants, shops, and more using the app’s location-based search feature.
  • Voice Search: Use voice commands to search for information hands-free, making the search process even more convenient.
  • News and Content Discovery: Stay informed with news articles, curated content, and featured stories from various sources right within the app.


  1. Is the Yahoo Search App available for both Android and iOS?
    Yes, the Yahoo Search App is available for download on both Android and iOS devices.
  2. Can I customize my search preferences within the app?
    Yes, the app provides options to customize search preferences, including language settings, search filters, and more.
  3. Does the app offer image and video search capabilities?
    Yes, the Yahoo Search App allows users to search for images and videos, providing relevant results from across the web.
  4. Can I sync my search history and preferences across devices?
    The app may offer options to sync search history and preferences across devices, providing a consistent experience.
  5. Does the Yahoo Search App support multiple languages?
    Yes, the app supports multiple languages, allowing users to search and browse in their preferred language.



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